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Department of Transportation

VALTEQ was subcontracted to provide technology advisory services for the Department of Transportation procurement system consolidation effort. We brought in a key Subject Matter Expert in the technology that was able to assess and identify key configuration and system process gaps at the Agency. Once identified, work began on analyzing the root causes to the gaps. Following the analysis, VALTEQ provided multiple options and recommended solutions to DOT. The recommended solutions were ultimately accepted and implemented successfully.

National Institute of Health

VALTEQ was brought on to provide project management services during a large procurement system upgrade at NIH’s Business Systems (NBS) organization. The upgrade was crucial for NIH to remain on a supported version of the software and included critical security updates. There was also a time constraint that added complexity to the project. Because VALTEQ provided a seasoned subject matter expert (SME) with the software that had several years of experience collaborating with the software developer, NIH was able to fast track several steps in the process, that normally take months, to complete the upgrade on time and within budget.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

VALTEQ was contracted by NREL’s CFO to provide program management and IT support services for their implementation of Oracle EPM Cloud solution. VALTEQ works hand in hand with Accenture, who is the systems implementor, and VALTEQ provides project oversight and governance support to ensure a successful deployment. Additionally, VALTEQ will be providing training and system administration services to NREL during and after go-live.

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